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OTHER SERVICES   Not every lawn will need these services every year.




Hollow Tine Aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn, this will alleviate compaction and subsurface thatch, allowing vital nutrients, water and air back into the soil therefore stimulating root growth.



Over the years thatch can build up in your lawn. Although some thatch is beneficial to lawns as this will help retain moisture in the warmer months. However, too much thatch can restrict oxygen and water penetration, which can cause disease.

Scarification will alleviate these problems. 

Disease Control


Beneficial after scarification. One of the main reasons to over seed is to repair the damaged areas of lawn and to make it look thick and healthy. Overseeding your lawn can help to reduce the invasion of weeds and moss and also improve the colour and appearance of the lawn.

Insects & Pests


This normally happens when environmental conditions favour the growth of the pathogen. The main fungal diseases you might encounter are Red Thread, Fusarium, Anthracnose, and Rust. We offer a range of specialist treatments that can help control lawn diseases as they occur.

Insects & Pests


A turf pest is a creature that lives within the turf and feeds on the grass plant. Many turf pests feed on the root of the plant which causes a rapid deterioration in the condition of the grass, causing areas of discoloured turf. We provide a safe effective treatment for these problems.

Hard Surfaces


A total weed kill service for patios, decking, pathways, drives and any other hard surfaces.

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